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Uploading & Updating Contacts via CSV
Uploading & Updating Contacts via CSV
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You have finalized the first steps towards going live and now you want to upload new contacts? Congrats! It's time to upload your contacts.

In the article below you will learn how to upload contact via a CSV file. However, the recommended way to upload contacts is by integrating your CRM to Exceed. We support various CRM software which you can use to sync your contacts automatically to Exceed as well as updating your CRM accordingly. Check out the Integration Collection for additional information.

Let's get started...

You can upload contacts to a specific sequence in Exceed in two ways:

1. Sequence → Contacts Tab → Import / Export → Import .CSV

2. Contacts → Contacts Tab → Import / Export → Import .CSV

Afterward, the Import Contacts pop-up will appear, on Step #1:

You can download a template to fill in or use your own CSV file to upload.

How to fill in the CSV file?

In the CSV file, fill in basic contact's data like First Name, Last Name, Email, Company Name, Country, etc. City & Country data will be used to email your contacts based on their time zone.  
You can also add different variables, like Industry & Title, which will help you to personalize your templates when approaching your contacts.

Please note, whenever uploading new variables, in case your variable name consists of two words, kindly remove the blank space or add an underscore in between the words. For example, instead of using Contact Domain as the variable name, use Contact_Domain or ContactDomain and add it in the template accordingly: {Contact_Domain} or {ContactDomain}. 

CSV is Ready. How to upload the file?

Whenever you are ready to upload the file, click on Import (as described in one of the two ways above). Then, on Step #2, map your fields to pull in into

On Step #3 you can choose when to initiate the sequence with the new leads, either at the coming working hours or at a specific date.
Additionally, you can update existing contacts. This can be used, for example, to update data or add additional variables, using the toggle on the right. To initiate the import click Import Contacts

Thereafter, you'll be able to view the new contacts in the Contacts page on the left menu bar as well as in the relevant tab inside the sequence.
Click on one of the contacts to see its full data.

If you think everything is in place, turn on the sequence to start approaching your contacts.

How can I use my variables inside a template?

Check out this article with additional explanations

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