Congrats! you are about to start working with, which means you'll have more deals in less time!

These are the required steps towards going live:

  1. Virtual Assistant
    Set up your Virtual Assistants and email traffic.

  2. Set up your Sequences and test them
    You can test each email individually or the entire sequence

  3. Team & Roles
    You can add additional people, i.e. Assigned Reps

  4. My Account
    Setting up your account details and preferences

  5. Project Settings
    Review your time zone, Automation, ROI setting, and more

  6. Answers
    Not mandatory to go live, however, you can already update the existing ones

  7. Qualification Questions
    In case you have any qualification questions and qualifying answers in mind, simply add them to the sequence tab and we'll train the AI engine accordingly 

Once you think you are ready to go, check out this article to cross each item off the checklist

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