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Using Variables as part of Templates
Using Variables as part of Templates
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For each template, you are able to personalize based on variables such as Name, industry, role, etc. 

As part of the product, you can use a default list of variables: User Name, Company Name, Rep Name, etc.

You can add them to the template by clicking on this icon { } in the top right corner of the template:

Using Customized Variables

It's highly recommended to personalize your emails based on your customized variables, such as industry, role, or region. You can do so in two ways:

  1. When using CSV upload - add a column with the name of your variable, afterward, per user, fill in the user data with the specific value for the variable. When uploading the file, use "Other" for any variable that is not on the default list.

  2. When using CRM integration - map your new variable from the CRM to a relevant Exceed field. You can either use a default one on the list, or add a new one. Example for adding region:

Afterward, you'll be able to see these variables on the Contact Page, as part of More Information.

Whenever you want to use the new variable as part of your template, click on the variables icon to add it to your template.

In case your variable name consists of two words, kindly remove the blank space or add an underscore in between the words. For example, instead of using Contact Domain as the variable name, use Contact_Domain or ContactDomain.

It is highly recommended to test your template, to make sure you have used your variables properly, by using the same upload / connection method. For CSV upload, add a test lead, for CRM integration, add a lead on your CRM to test it. Click here for more explanations on testing your templates.

One more variable you can use - {greeting}. The Greeting variable will wish your contact Good morning / afternoon or evening, based on your default time zone or contact time zone. You can find it in the default variables list, under 'Other'. Check out this article for more info on time zone & sending times.

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