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How can I test my emails prior going live?
How can I test my emails prior going live?
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Just before going live, we recommend testing your sequence copy, formatting & structure.
These are the steps:

Testing each email individually 

  • Inside each email template, go the the right bottom corner and click on the Test button. 

  • You will receive a test email which will populate these variables: {firstName}, {greeting}, {autoMeetingScheduleOptions}, {signature}. Kindly note {companyName} won't be populated.

  • It will not populate Answers or Qualification Questions since they are based on the customer's reply. 

  • Kindly note, whenever testing a template which its subject line is set to "Send as a reply", it populates the default option rather than the subject line of the previous template.

Testing the whole sequence 

  • By turning on the sequence and adding someone as a contact. You will receive the Intro email within a few minutes. The second one will only be sent according to your settings (usually 2 days) so you can simply reply back to your VA and see how she responds back to you.

  • Please note this contact must have a different email account than the VA's or any of the team members connected to the project, i.e. personal account.

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