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Common reasons for not pulling in contacts from your CRM
Common reasons for not pulling in contacts from your CRM
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Sometimes you might look for a contact to be pulled in to Exceed, with no luck. In this article, we'll share possible reasons and suggested solutions.

Is the contact already in Exceed?

Search for the contact's email in your Contacts Page.
If the contact is already in Exceed and their status is Ended or Assigned, check out this article on how to move contacts between sequences (note that this change in setting will apply to all of your sequences).
Alternatively, if the contact is in Approached, Engaged, New or Escalated status, you'll first need to end them, prior to moving to another sequence

Is the contact's email address valid?

Make sure the contact email address doesn't have any spaces, commas, etc.

Have you selected a report for the sequence and turned the integration on?

Go to the sequence > Integrations tab. Next to the desired entity, make sure you've selected the right report, and it is turned on. Remember, this toggle will only pull in contacts, while the sequence toggle will initiate email sending.

Does your integration user have permission to see this report in full?

Check whether you're using personal filters like "My Contacts" or a field that the integration user cannot access. The easiest way of checking is be to log in to Salesforce with the same user synced with Then, validate that you're seeing there what you've expected to see.
Plus, verify that this user has permission to see all the fields (read type at least) and that the values on your filters are valid, meaning you can select them.

To find out which user you are synced with, navigate to the Integrations page and check for the email in brackets.

Is your integration turned on?

Check out the Integrations page, for the selected CRM and entity, and make sure the integration toggle is on.

Is your retrieval on?

Make sure your retrieval is on and you may also change it temporarily to every 5 minutes to see whether it will now retrieve the contacts you were looking for. Don't forget to change it back! (Recommended is at least 1 hour).

Have you reached your CRM API capacity?

When this happens the synched user will receive an email notification. If so, stay tuned as maybe in the next round it might pull in the contacts.

Check out our Retrieval Test option for more details

At the bottom of the integration page, you may provide an email address to be tested:

Salesforce users - make sure your report has the 15 digit Contact ID or Lead ID as one of the report columns. It is used to map the contacts properly.

Check out this article for further assistance: Using Reports with Salesforce

Still can't find out why? Kindly open a support ticket via the Customer Care Communications Portal with the following details:

  • Email of the missing contact

  • The sequence they were supposed to be in

  • A screenshot of the report/list from your CRM, showing the different columns and the missing contact

We'd love to help!

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