First, you'll need to create a report on Salesforce

  1. From the App Launcher go to Sales Console

2. Navigate to Reports

3. Click to create a New Report

4. Choose the type: Leads or Contacts

5. Add the ID field of the entity to your report ('Lead ID' or "Contact ID')

6. Add filters

7. Name your new report

Once you're ready, click on Save & Run and review the leads to verify the audience.

Back to Exceed - Let's connect the report to a Sequence

  1. On integrations settings, make sure the audience preferences are set for Reports

2. Navigate to the Sequence Integrations tab and choose the Report you have just created on Salesforce (if you don't see the Report, don't worry, it might takes up to 30 minutes to sync the new report into Exceed):

When finished - click on 'Save changes' and activate the integration toggle to start importing leads. (The pull in would start according to your retrieval interval as set in the Integrations Page).
To start sending emails, kindly activate the sequence (The upper toggle).

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