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Can I add a contact into more than one sequence?
Can I add a contact into more than one sequence?
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There are cases in which you'd like to move contacts between sequences.
You might want to reach out to your current customers or enroll a contact into a new use case to nurture your leads & customers via additional offerings.

You can add a contact to a new sequence once the contact’s previous sequence has been Ended or Assigned.  This allows you to do Jedi-level nurturing, like moving contacts that were nurtured by one virtual assistant to another sequence that is nurtured by an additional virtual assistant.

To enable this option, go to Project SettingsAutomation, and mark the checkbox. 

Then, once a contact has met the criteria of the new sequence, it will be added automatically. 

Adding contacts manually to a sequence

Adding one contact: Go to Sequences Page, click on Actions and then Add a Contact. There, you can simply provide the contact mail and it will fill in the rest of the details by itself.

Alternatively, you can export a list of contacts from one sequence and add them as a bulk to another one.
Go to the Sequences Page, choose a sequence, and go to the Contacts tab. Then, you can apply filters and export the list of contacts. Thereafter, go to the desired sequence → Contacts tab and import the list.

What happens next?

The contact will be queued to receive an email once he is added to the sequence, according to your traffic settings.

Inside the Contact Page, you'll be able to see the contact history over the various sequences, by clicking on the different sequences tabs:

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