Filtering & Exporting Contacts

Want to see the up to date assigned contacts? Or export the list of you opt-out? ​In this article you'll learn how

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Filtering contacts can be done either via the main Contacts page or via the Contacts Tab in the sequence.

On the right side, click 'Search and filter contacts' to view the filtering options for the current status of the contacts.

Want to learn more about different status options? Check out this article: What are the different status options?

To view advanced options, click 'Advanced Search'. In this screen you can choose to filter by an old status (for example, all of the contacts which were Engaged, relevant especially for chat sequenced) or by the current one. 

Each status has another layer of filtering - 'Reason' field. For example, filtering the Out of Office or Contact Later:

Some have another filtering option - 'Reason details', where you can find for example contacts that are Not Interested (Under the Reason Disqualified)

Filtering Opt-out and Bounced contacts

To view your list of Opt-out or Bounced, filter using the End status. For the Opt-out, you may use the Reason details to filter by whether they clicked on the unsubscribe link or replied. For bounced contacts, you can filter between bounced and expected to be bounced, which means pre-validated the contact for you.

If you're using a CRM integration and you would like to sync these statuses back, you can sync this detailed data or use the dedicated field.
More info in this article: Syncing Opt-out & Bounce contacts to CRM

Exporting Contacts

If you'd like to export your contacts, simply go to the desired sequence > Contacts > Import / Export > Export Results. You can obviously filter them prior and export the updated view.

You would then receive an email with a link to download the search results.

Exporting contacts is done sequence by sequence to protect your data and avoid an easy way of exporting all data from all sequences at once. It is enabled for Owners, Managers & Reps.

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