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What are the different status options?
What are the different status options?
In this article we'll review the different status in
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These are the different states in which a contact can be at:

  1. New
    Contacts who enrolled in the system and are scheduled to receive a message

  2. Approached
    Contacts who received an email or interacted via chat, but didn't reply back yet nor unsubscribed

  3. Engaged
    On sequences that have Qualifying Questions, Engaged would be shown in the case where contacts replied back, without answering the qualifying question.

    Exceed uses the Engaged template to ask the qualification questions and answer questions the contact might have asked.

  4. Assigned
    Contacts who are qualified / have a meeting scheduled

  5. Escalated
    Contacts who responded and the system needs a human's help to answer. These contacts are escalated to the manager associated with the sequence, for them to handle the reply manually.

  6. Ended
    Contacts who are no longer active or relevant: Bounced, Unsubscribed, Unresponsive (went through the entire sequence and didn't respond), Not Interested, Left the Company, etc.

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