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First steps towards going live
Checklist prior to going live! (or adding additional sequence)
Checklist prior to going live! (or adding additional sequence)
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Ready to go live? Great! these are the things you should review prior:

  1. Test each email template to make sure the formatting is as you expected (and remove any red text if left). Afterward, we recommend starting with a test lead - via CSV or CRM

  2. Start small - set the traffic settings to 5 prior to uploading contacts to make sure all is set properly

  3. Variables - if you are using any variable in your templates, make sure you've set them up correctly:
    * When using CSV upload - use the exact same phrase (it's case sensitive)
    * When using CRM Integration - verify mapping the required field

  4. Make sure the right people are assigned to this sequence.
    Set them up properly via Team & Roles and under sequence settings.

What will happen next?

In case you were wondering, in this article you can learn when your contacts will receive the first (and next) emails from you.

Keep in mind that it might take time to receive responses. In some cases, a lead can respond back even after 6-7 follow-ups

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