Virtual assistant communicates with your leads and works alongside your human reps to engage and qualify every lead over email and chat, to book qualified meetings. Your contacts will associate the virtual assistant with your brand.

Here is a step by step tutorial:

Setting up your Virtual Assistants

Under the Settings tab on the left-hand side, click on Virtual Assistants

  1. Click on the name of an existing virtual assistant or choose a name for a new one and click to add it

  2. Create an email signature using Name, Role, Address, and Logo

  3. You can add your logo by uploading an image

Please note, you won't be able to test your email templates prior to setting up the Virtual Assistant.

Email Integration

A virtual assistant can be set up via an email address that you have created (cloud-based email services). Kindly create a blank dedicated new inbox using G Suite or Office 365.
There are a few reasons as to why it's required, rather than using the assigned rep's account: 

  1. You'll be able to use one virtual assistant for multiple assigned reps and sequences

  2. Existing email account would have non-relevant emails (such as personal, company corresponding, etc.)

Click to sync the virtual assistant new account with your provider: Office 365 or Google. It's recommended to do so via an Incognito window to make sure you're syncing the right account rather than your own. This is a one-time operation. There would be no need to log in directly to the virtual assistant account moving forward.

Connecting the Virtual Assistant to a Sequence

When creating a new sequence, you can choose which virtual assistant to use.

One virtual assistant can be used across several sequences. Once you need more capacity we recommend adding a new virtual assistant.

Under the Virtual Assistants Page, you can see the list of your virtual assistants. One of them is marked as Default Assistant and will be used, by default, in future sequences.

Please note, once going live with a sequence, you cannot change the virtual assistant connected to it.

Email Traffic

The settings below have an impact on your domain reputation and deliverability.

Set up the maximum number of emails that will be sent out daily from the system. This number will include new email engagement, follow-ups, and responses. 

You can also choose the minimum time (in minutes) between emails that are sent out. 

Best practices for daily quota:
When using Cloud-based email services: Up to ~500 emails daily. The minimum time between emails should be set to 1.

Please note, when starting a new sequence, we recommend starting with 20-30 contacts per day, monitor their engagement, the copy, make sure variables are populating as planned, and afterward expend to the rest of your target audience with an increased quota.


The text displayed will be used at the end of any outgoing email to allow contacts to unsubscribe using specific words or clicking the unsubscribe link.
You can use the default text or modify it. Your name and logo would be displayed on the unsubscribe page.

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