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Rep Account Setup (My Account)
Rep Account Setup (My Account)
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This is where you will be able to set up all your preferences for your account. 

You can do the following:

Calendar Sync

You can set up your availability for meetings by syncing your calendar with our system. 

You are able to choose/define the following when syncing your calendar so that we only pull the correct available time slots for you: 

Please follow these steps in order to sync your calendar:

Note: when using the meeting scheduler variable, a contact is given three time slot options to choose from. He is able to click on "See more options" to see additional options if none of the first are suitable for him. 

Once a time slot is chosen, both the contact and the assigned rep will receive a meeting invitation as well as a confirmation email of the day and time of the scheduled meeting.

Assignment Preferences

In case you'd like to assign a contact to a specific rep based on certain preferences, like Country, Company Name, or Industry, these distinctions can be set up on this page.

By default, you can set up your preferences according to three different groupings: (given that has this information)

On top of that, if you're leveraging chat capabilities, you'll also see additional fields from the chat setup. This way, you can be assigned online, based on user data (Region for example). The same applies when you integrate to your CRM - based on CRM values, like OwnerID, Region or Company Name.

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