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The Tasks tab is where emails that need to be approved / reviewed by the human rep will be found. 

There are two types of tasks: 

  1. Approval of Email Responses

If the semi-automated feature is implemented, meaning you didn't select the "Send without approval" option in the email template, approval tasks will appear in the tasks tab.  

This task requires the human rep to approve the email that the Exceed.ai system has prepared in response. If the human rep would like to adjust the answer before it is sent out to a lead, he can do it here (i.e. edit the answer, choose a different response template, end the contact, handover the contact, etc.)

This task type has a blue line on the left hand side. 

   2. Escalation Email 

An email will be escalated to a human rep when the Exceed.ai system is unable to understand the contact’s intent and requires the human rep’s assistance in responding to the contact. The human rep can choose how to handle the contact (i.e., edit the answer, choose the response template, write an email, update the status of the contact, etc.). 

This task type has a red line on the left hand side. 

In both cases, the human rep is able to take actions that adjust the status of the contact. I.e. setting a follow-up email to be sent, handing over the email to themselves/another human rep, ending communication with the contact, etc. 

This is done by clicking on the drop-down menu labeled “Actions” in the contact page.

Please note

  • For both types of emails, the manager of the sequence will receive an Exceed notification email, letting him know of the task that needs to be handled. 

  • The default setting for distribution of contacts for reps is done in a round-robin style (unless otherwise set up on the Sequence level, i.e. where certain sequences are run by different human reps). 

  • Only the manager associated with the designated contact is able to see the Pending Task in the Tasks tab. However, the task is visible to all human reps if the contact is searched for in the Contacts tab.  

Below are the instructions:

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