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How to add personalized links to templates?
How to add personalized links to templates?
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Have a special price to offer your contacts? Perhaps a unique link to a limited time sale? In this article you'll learn how you could add contact personalized links to your templates, using variables!

First, update the link per contact as a variable in the sequence. Kindly notice, you should use a full link, starting with 'https://'. You can do so either via uploading a CSV or syncing a field from your CRM. To learn more about using variables, click here.

Second, go to the desired template, click the variables icon to add the variable to the template. Then, copy the full variable, with its brackets, mark the text you'd like to link, and on the URL field, paste the variable. Don't forget to remove the variable from the template itself afterward :)

The end result should look like this:

That it is! You're done and ready to go!

Have any further questions? Feel free to open a support ticket via the chat.

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