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Exceed - GA4 (Google Analytics) Integration
Exceed - GA4 (Google Analytics) Integration
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Updated over a week ago fires events for the following Chat activities:

Event action

Event Label (value in brackets will be replaced with real-time values)

Chat Window Opened

Chat Window Opened – Auto Start – <True/False>

Option Selected

Option Selected - <Button Text>

Engagement Started


Chat Window Closed


Chat initiated

Chat initiated - <UserId>

Meeting Set

Meeting Set – Rep Name - <Rep Name>

Rep took over

Rep took over – Rep Name - <Rep Name>

Question asked

Question asked – Question - <Question Text>

Lead asked for support


Email address provided


Lead Ended


Lead Assigned


If you are interested in tracking these chat activities in GA4 kindly go over the following steps:

Custom Dimensions

You should create two dimensions to accommodate Exceed events.

  1. Go to Configure -> Custom definitions

  2. Click on "Create Custom Dimension" button

    1. Dimension name: Exceed Webchat Event Label

    2. Scope: Event

    3. Event parameter: event_label

  3. Click on "Create Custom Dimension" button again:

    1. Dimension name: Exceed Webchat Event Category

    2. Scope: Event

    3. Event parameter: event_category

Your custom definitions part related to Exceed should look as follow:

Custom Event

You also need to create a custom event to accommodate all events which are fired by the Exceed chat.

  1. Go to Configure -> Events

  2. Click on "Create Event"

  3. Choose your data stream

  4. Click on the "Create" button

    1. Custom event name: Exceed_Webchat

    2. Matching conditions: event_category equals Webchat

Your custom events part related to Exceed should look as follow:

Add GA Support to Exceed Chat Script

Assuming you already have your Exceed Chat Script installed on your website, all you have to do is to add your GA4 stream measurement ID to the script.

Your stream measurement ID is found under Admin -> Data Streams -> Selected Data Stream as explained here. Here is what it looks like:

You should copy the ID which starts with G-

Once you copied this ID, simply place it in your chat script in the following way:

<script id="exceedChatWidget" src="<current sequence ID> gaid="<your GA4 stream measurement ID>"

Note that if you are using Google Tag Manager, you should add the gaid as a query parameter as explained here.

That's all :)

Feel free to reach out with any questions using the chat on the right.

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