Now you can monitor your chats with Exceed!

The following events are being reported to GA:

Event action

Event Label (value in brackets will be replaced with real-time values)

Chat window opened

Auto Start - <True/False>

Chat window closed

Chat initialized

<Sequence ID>

Engagement Started

Option chosen

Option Selected

Button - <Button Selected>

Question asked

Question - <Question Asked>

Email address provided


Lead asked for Support

Rep took over

Rep Name - <Name of the assigned rep>

Lead Assigned

Lead Ended


Meeting Set

Rep Name - <Name of the assigned rep>

All of them are reported under Webchat category.

This is how it looks like inside GA:

Creating Custom Goal based on Events

You can create a custom Goal based on Exceed events. For example, if you want to set a Goal every time a lead is setting up a meeting over Exceed Webchat, you should create a custom Goal, where the Category equals to Webchat, and Action equals to Meeting Set

Link your GA Account to your Webchat

Indicating your GA ID is done inside the installation script of Exceed chat widget. Simply add your GA ID as a new attribute named gaid to the chat widget script. e.g.

<script id="exceedChatWidget"
src="<current sequence ID>"
gaid="<your client Google Analytics ID>"

Feel free to reach out with any questions using the chat on the right.

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