Exceed.ai had put in place several boundaries to make sure emails are being sent to the right contacts at the right time.  

Let's start reviewing them, from the straightforward to the more advanced one 😉. 

  • Is your sequence active?

    Under the sequences menu you can find all your sequences. Make sure that the relevant sequence is active. In the example below, the Inbound Lead - call is active while the Outbound Template is inactive and not emails will be sending out from it. 

  • Do you have contacts in your sequence?
    In the example below, there aren't yet any contacts added into the sequence (and it isn't turned on). Therefore, no emails will be sent out. 

  • Is it already the time to send out messages to a particular contact?
    Exceed.ai sends out messages according to the contact's time zone: between 07:30 a.m. and 19:30 p.m. excluding weekends and holidays.

    *In cases where Exceed.ai doesn't have a specific time zone per contact, the Sequence time zone or the Project time zone would be taken into affect.
    Check out this article for additional info

  • Do you have enough quota to send out messages?

There are two places in Exceed which limit the number of emails which can be sent out per day. 

  1.  Number of new contacts to start a sequence with every day: 

Under the sequence settings tab, you can view and edit the daily limit for new contacts:

2. Number of daily emails sent by each virtual assistant
Under the virtual assistant settings, you can see the daily limit for all emails and how many had already sent today:

  • Is there a Priority Sequence which is draining your daily quota?
    Priority sequences get their emails sent before other sequences, listed under the same virtual assistant. This is defined under the sequence settings tab:

  • Is your virtual assistant set properly? Can it send out messages?
    Kindly Navigate to Virtual Assistants > Click on one of them > next to the signature click on Test and check whether you receive an email.
    In case no email was received, it means the virtual assistant isn't set properly. To sort this out, go to Email Integration (under the virtual assistant page) > Sync with your provider:

If none of the above solves your problem, be sure to reach out to us via the chat icon.

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