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Tips & Tricks on how to Avoid Spam Filters
Tips & Tricks on how to Avoid Spam Filters
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Do you like spam?
Neither do we. 

We want to make sure Exceed is helping you to create personal and valuable connections with your contacts. Below are some best practices on spam filters and ways to increase your deliverability. Ensure you are up to date!

Fighting spam isn’t easy and sometimes the steps people take to protect themselves can impact your online communications. This, in turn, can have a significant impact on your business.

In order to enhance your reputation and protect you, here are our suggested steps:

  1. Start slow!
    Just created a new sequence? Congrats! Use the sequence daily limit for new contacts to start slowly, making sure you've got the right copy and have the agility to change based on early replies. We recommend starting from 20 and increasing up to 100.
    Go to Sequence→ Daily new contacts limit

  2. Target leads from your market fit audience
    Make sure to target the right audience. Sending unsolicited emails is an offence in many countries. Always ask your users if they wish to receive marketing emails from you. Message content that implies that the recipient didn't explicitly ask to receive this type of message from you might also impact your reputation. 

  3. Provide full details in the Virtual Assistant signature
    Mention your: Name, Role, Phone, Company & Address. Adding a logo is also considered a good practice.
    To view and edit your signature, enter your
    Virtual Assistant page

  4. Allow users to opt out easily
    Use the unsubscribe link as part of the unsubscribe settings.
    Settings can be modified via your Virtual Assistant page → Unsubscribe

  5. Avoid phishing phrases and spam trigger words
    Don't use suspicious phishing phrases and spam trigger words.Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a complete list of trigger words to avoid, but here are some examples: "Lowest Price", "Increase your sales", "Survey", "Best deal", "Outstanding values", "Lifetime", "Free", "Guarantee"

  6. There is no one stop shop to engage with your leads
    Be creative in ways you offer your customers value. Personalize your templates base on variables such as industry, country or interest with your product, etc.  

  7. Increase the variability
    Leverage A/B testing to increase your variability and optimize your results on the way. Use the {greeting} variable to greet your leads with Good morning / afternoon / evening.

  8. Be aware of shortening your links!
    As it might impact your reputation. And of course, make sure they are not broken.

  9. Don't overwhelm with images
    Don’t send emails with too many images or huge ones.

  10. Use spell checks
    Did you know that spelling mistakes trigger spam? Well, it's time to review your text one last time. Good thing we have got you covered with our in app spell check!

Ongoing steps & monitoring

  1. Maintain a good sender reputation
    Occasionally, use tools which will tell you if your IP address is on an email blacklist. Suggested resources: Sender Score, MX Toolbox, DNS Stuff.

  2. Review your email templates to check they are ranked on spam filters
    Suggested tool: Mail Tester where you can even use the Test button in the template to check your ranking.

  3. Monitor your engagement metrics
    On a standard basis, monitor your open, reply, bounce & opt out rate.
    In case you're spotting negative trends, make adjustments in your email templates. For low open rate, consider changing your subject line and for low reply rate, edit the content of your templates. 

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