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Sync your Zoom account with Exceed, so Exceed can create Zoom meetings for you
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Make sure to sync your online calendar to Exceed under My Account

Simply sync your online calendar (G-Suite or Office 365), and grant Exceed access to view your calendar and book meetings on your behalf.

We recommend syncing your calendar in incognito mode.

Grant Exceed.ai access to your Zoom account:

In order to grant Exceed.ai access to your Zoom account, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Select the "Zoom" option:

  2. Then you will have two options - either sync your Zoom (preferred option), or enter your personal meeting URL, ID, and passcode:

  3. In case you wish Exceed to create a unique Zoom meeting for every meeting created by Exceed, kindly press the "Sync with Zoom" button, and Allow the sync process:

What permissions you're granting to Exceed.ai and why?

Exceed.ai is asking for two types of permissions:
1. User access - in order to get your personal meeting link, ID, and passcode.

2. Create Zoom meetings - Once a meeting is set by Exceed.ai, Exceed.ai will create a unique Zoom meeting.

Note - we are grabbing the personal meeting ID as a fallback in case we are unable to create a unique Zoom meeting.

Revoking the permission to sync with your Zoom account

If you don't want Exceed.ai to have access to your Zoom account, you can revoke the access from your Zoom account:

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

  2. Click Manage >> Added Apps or search for the "Exceed.ai" app.

  3. Click the "Exceed.ai" app.

  4. Click Remove.

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