Decreasing Meeting No Show
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Great news, a meeting was booked! No one likes to wait for a contact to show up, so how can you increase meeting attendance with your contacts?

A few ideas you can try:

  • Add a Meeting Reminder via email and SMS one day before the meeting, as well as the default reminder on the day of the meeting

  • In the Meeting Confirmation & Meeting Invite templates: share an agenda for the call, remind the expected value from your product and mention that they can reschedule if needed

  • Aim for a meeting at the earliest possible time - make sure your reps’ calendars are free by:

    • Shortening meeting lengths

    • Removing buffers between meetings

    • Suspending reps who don’t have availability in the next 2 weeks

    • Routing contacts to reps based on timezone overlap

On top of that, leverage our Meeting No Show sequence template to engage with your no shows ones again.

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