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Successful Message Templates: Do's and Don’ts
Successful Message Templates: Do's and Don’ts
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Want to optimize the results from our AI engine?
When creating your templates to start the conversation, make sure to follow these tips to improve the response accuracy.


  • The AI is trained to respond to a variety of interactions, including inquiries, objections and requests. In order to allow for the correct response, make sure you have a clear call to action that supports your main objective: scheduling a meeting.

  • Be specific! Use the scheduler to suggest times for a meeting.

  • Ask questions like:

    • “Would you like to learn more about...”

    • “Are you interested in connecting with our product specialist to hear about...”

    • "When would you like to meet to discuss..."

    • “Please let me know when you are available for a meeting…”


  • Ask multiple questions in one message, this can cause confusion and result in an inaccurate response later on.

  • Ask qualification questions unless it is supported by a dedicated qualification question flow.

  • Ask open ended questions with no call to action, such as:

    • "What are your thoughts on..."

    • "Do you have experience with..."

    • "What sounds most interesting to you about..."

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