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Learn how to leverage & Slack integration and get live notifications for your business

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Slack is one of the most common tools for internal communication. One of the reasons it's so useful is the integrations it supports. Connect your Slack to and take the next step as well!

To connect it go to the Integrations Page and click to connect with Slack:

On the next screen, you'd be asked to authorize the integration. In the case where you don't have the proper permission, you'd might need an admin to permit it prior to moving forward.

Upon confirmation, you'd be presented with the following notifications. Turn on the ones that you want, choose the relevant Slack channels and save changes.

You'll be able to see all the public channels on Slack, regardless of the person who synced the account.

Should you want to list a private channel, you'd first need to invite to the channel. Go to the channel, click its settings, go to the Integrations Tab > Add an App and choose

Hope you found it helpful!

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