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Map Lead Source to CRM
Map Lead Source to CRM
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When Exceed creates or updates contacts in your marketing automation or CRM, Exceed can also indicate what the lead source was.

In order for Exceed to push this information, you'll have to map "Lead source" field in Exceed to the desired field in your marketing automation or CRM. e.g.:

These are the applicable values for the Lead source field:

  1. "Exceed Webchat" - Contacts that were created by Exceed webchat

  2. "Exceed Manually Imported" - Contacts were manually imported into Exceed via CSV or one by one from Exceed's user interface

  3. "Exceed Pulled From CRM" - Contacts were pulled from CRM (not created by Exceed)

  4. "Exceed Reference" - Contacts that were created automatically by Exceed from Wrong Person or Left Company use cases where Exceed was able to extract the details of the new contact

  5. "Exceed Open API" - Contacts were created using Exceed Open API

  6. "Exceed Zapier" - Contacts were created using Exceed's Zapier

  7. "Exceed Onboarding process" - Test contacts that were created as part of the self-onboarding process (usually one test contact per project)

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