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Using SMS / Text messages to reach out to your contacts is a recommended channel that usually has a high engagement rate. Used mostly for companies with a B2C audience.

In order to activate your SMS capabilities, kindly reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Upon activation, you'll be able to add SMS messages to the Messages Setup in the sequence. Each message, excluding the Intro, can be sent as an email and/or SMS.

In the example below, an SMS message is sent on the 2nd follow-up. To add on the other follow-ups, simply click on the light gray SMS sign:

It's recommended to mention the name of the virtual assistant and your company, in order for your contact to understand who is reaching out. Having said that, be brief, as the SMS message length is limited to 150 characters.

Please note, when testing the SMS messages, the meeting slots won't be presented.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us via the Customer Care Communications Portal

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