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Stop Engagement Criteria
Stop Engagement Criteria
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Want to make sure your platforms are in sync with your contact's status?
Want to stop communicating whenever an engagement was done outside of Learn how.

Many times would be only one of your channels. It's possible that while your virtual assistants nurture your contacts something happened. They may have signed up for a demo, had direct contact with your rep, or were marked as no longer part of your target audience.

In order to stop the communication, you'll need to define Stop Engagement Criteria.

What types of Stop Engagements criteria are there?

It's entirely based on your CRM internal flows.

Think about how you can know, on the contact level, that a deal was created? Or that the Call to Action from your sequence was completed?

Which field provides this information? Add it to your mapping field list on your integration page.

How to add Stop Engagement Criteria?

Activate the toggle next to the Stop Engagement Criteria section. Then, add the condition for the End or Assign use case.

Here is an example of when the condition is based on the Lead Status

Please note: The best practice is to set the Ended or Assigned condition based on one value from your CRM. Should it need to be based on multiple ones, please note the relationship between them is AND and not OR.

When does it work?

Upon trying to send a new message, would check the values of your Stop Engagement Criteria. If they matched, the contact status would be marked as Ended or Assigned and its Status Reason would be FROM CRM. No further messages would be sent.

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