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Integrate Zapier with Your Account
Integrate Zapier with Your Account
This article will guide you how to use's Zap to add contacts into your account, pull their details etc.
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Zapier is a powerful tool that allows you to automate your activities without a development effort (is it awesome?!).

Exceed does have a list of native integrations with various of CRMs and marketing automation tools. So before you decide to add your leads to Exceed using Zapier, we recommend that you'll check first that your tool isn't listed here.

Now, after you came to a conclusion that you do need Zap, let's see how to set it up:

  1. Connect to your Zapier account, and go to Your Apps section.

  2. Click on "Add Application" and search for application (version can be different from 1.0.0):

  3. Next, you have to provide API Key and Project ID from your account.

    1. Login to your account and navigate to the integrations page.

    2. Click on "Connect with Zapier" and you'll find your API Key and Project ID

    3. Enter API Key and Project ID into the app page in Zapier.

    4. After you entered the above information, make sure to test the connection to Exceed

      If the connection isn't successful, make sure you entered the correct information or contact via the Customer Care Communications Portal.

  4. Now, after you added your app to your Zapier account, and also authenticated it, you can go ahead and create your Zap. In the examples below I chose Google Spreadsheet as the source of my leads, and every new row (new lead), will trigger the app:

  5. Map your fields from your source application (in my case Google Spreadsheet). You'll have to grab your sequence ID from the desired sequence at Exceed:

    and add its value here:

  6. That's all! you are all set! Just make sure to turn on your Zap.

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