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Let our AI recommend you how to improve your initial email to your contacts.

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SuggestiveAI allows you to improve your messaging content, increase open rate, meetings set, and response rate by providing data-backed, content suggestions as you draft your message. used millions of records to analyze what works and what does not work based on your industry and type of sequence.

Some of the recommendations our suggestive AI can provide you:

  1. Add contact's first name or company name to the subject line.

  2. Keep the message at a certain length.

  3. Remove spam words.

And much more - Our Suggestive AI gets better from time to time!

The Suggestive AI is applicable for all Intro Emails, at a later phase we'll teach him how to provide suggestions from follow-up emails, but we all know there is no second chance for a first impression, aren't we? :)

In order to see our Suggestive AI in action, simply get into one of your Email sequences, and open the Intro template. On the right side you'll find the Suggestive AI pane, when you click on "Assist Now", the Suggestive AI will provide you with the top 5 recommendation to improve your template:

We'd be happy to hear your feedback on the Suggestive AI recommendations!

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