You'd might want to sync the flow of engaged leads back to your CRM. This article would explain how.

Which contacts would you sync?

When a lead starts interacting with the chat, his status is Engaged. Whenever he reaches a confirmation node, marked to assign him, he'll be Assigned. This is usually when you'd book a meeting with him for example. In the case where someone asked a question and the contact was escalated, we'll create a task for you to review and set the contact on Escalated. In all of these options, whenever an email is collected, you can sync back the fields of the flow back to your CRM.

How to enable creating Contacts or Leads on your CRM?

On the integrations page, make sure the Create toggle is activated for the desired entity:

**Screenshots below are taken from the Salesforce Integration but apply the same for other CRMs

Which chat fields can I sync?

You can sync all of the nodes in the chat flow - simply by using their exact names.

For example, in the picture below from the contact page, you can see we've collected info regarding their intent, location, company size, etc. along with automated info, like URL and timezone.

How to sync the fields on the integrations page?

Under the Fields section, on the side, add a new line and choose "Add new field". Then, type the exact name of the field from the chat flow.

On the right side, choose the relevant CRM field.

Make sure you enable the Update toggle and that the CRM field can be overwritten with any value.

That's it!

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