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Exceed - Sugar CRM (Sugar Sell) Integration
Exceed - Sugar CRM (Sugar Sell) Integration

This article explains what is needed and how to integrate your SugarSell instance to your account

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SugarCRM is the best CX platform. Exceed integrated with the Sugar Sell product so Sugar users will be able to engage more leads and contacts at scale utilizing Exceed technology. Exceed also collects information from contacts such as phone number, title, etc. which get updated as well in Sugar Sell.


Before you start connecting your SugarCRM to Exceed, please make sure to:

  1. Create a dedicated user that will be used to connect your SugarCRM instance with Exceed (reusing an existing user will log out Exceed at the next time this user will try to connect to SugarCRM). This user has to have permission to the Sugar Sell product.

  2. Ask your SugarCRM admin to provide you with your site URL (URL should be in the following format: https://<place holder>

  3. Contact your SugarCRM administrator and make sure that the option of "Validate user IP address" is switched off. This setting can be found under Administration > System Settings > Advanced.

Connect your SugarCRM with your Exceed account

Once you have a dedicated user at your SugarCRM instance with the right permissions, as well as your Sugar site URL, you can start connecting your SugarCRM instance with your Exceed account:

  1. Navigate to the Integration section at Exceed platform:

  2. Click on Connect to SugarCRM button and fill in the details below:

Mapping between Exceed and SugarCRM

Every customer sets up their SugarCRM in a different way. Therefore we provide our customers full flexibility to map Exceed contact statuses to the corresponding statuses in SugarCRM. The same goes for field mapping as well.

Contact Fields Mapping

Here is the suggested list of fields Exceed syncs with SugarCRM. You can find a corresponding field at SugarCRM for each field in the Exceed platform. Exceed can add more mapping as needed to enrich contact data in SugarCRM:

Please note that we do recommend to keep the email field at SugarCRM as email1 as this is the name of the primary email variable at SugarCRM side.

Contact Statuses Mapping

Here is the list of possible statuses a contact can be in platform:

You can read more about Exceed's Lead Statuses here.

Pull Contacts to Sequences using Target List

Exceed pulls your leads or contacts from Target List or filters. We recommend using Target List so you can better control which leads or contacts should be inside the list. Each sequence at Exceed can be associated with a different Target List so you can create multiple Target Lists, each for every sequence in Exceed.

Once you've chosen this option for your integration, visit each sequence (under its Integrations tab) and choose a specific list to pull contacts for this sequence.

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