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Succeed with Exceed - Chat
Succeed with Exceed - Chat
A few best practices on how to build your next chat!
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  • Create a chat per page, to personalize the journey

  • Use the chat launcher to attract more leads, after 4-5 seconds

  • Leverage the meeting scheduler to book meetings for your reps directly from the chat

  • Use Assignment Preferences to assign leads with the right rep based on collected info

  • Follow up over email with dropped-off leads. Check out the Chat Widget settings to adjust settings, specifically, the expiration time (meaning, after how many hours we would follow up over email)

  • Create an interactive short flow, leverage buttons instead of free text


  • Try different phrases to see what works better

  • It’s preferred to ask for their intent prior to collecting information

  • Keep the flow short and concise, consider using a light tone, rather than a formal one (emojis might be welcomed :) )

  • When collecting info, email should be the first thing, in case they’ll drop off (so you could follow up over email)

Active Chat

  • Use active chat to respond quickly to your contacts

Sequence Settings

  • Choose reps that should be assigned to the chat. In case all reps are relevant - keep them blank for easier future setup with new reps

General tips & tricks

  • Leverage the Not Interested template, to reflect your differentiation in the market as the last opportunity to engage with the contact

Crafting the Flow

A few things to keep in mind while creating the chat flow:

  • Though it's tempting to ask many questions, keep it as short as possible to decrease the drop-off rate

  • Think about what must-haves you need in order to set a meeting. Email & location might be a must when Company Name and Name aren’t necessary, as you have the info via email. Plus, you can activate the option to collect work emails only.

  • Do you have qualification criteria? use buttons to qualify & disqualify

  • Prioritize buttons over free text (When collecting the number of employees, for example)

  • Relevant especially for number - present number ranges via buttons rather than asking for a specific number

  • Not all visitors are ready to meet. Some are in the educational phase, where they’re looking for information. Offer a flow with information, case study, or link to the resources page

Anything else that you think is worth mentioning? Share with us via the Customer Care Communications Portal

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