As you probably know, Exceed has its Meeting Scheduler, used to help you set meetings without the need for back and forth emails to find an available slot for both parties.

However, there might be some cases where you'll schedule the meeting outside of Exceed and directly from your calendar. For example, if the contact mentioned he's free all day on Wednesday.

In this case, after setting up the meeting manually via the rep's calendar, Exceed would still log that meeting has been set outside of Exceed, as Exceed scans the rep's calendar for meetings with the contact.

In the activity log (bottom left side of the contact's page), you'll see an indication for a meeting scheduled externally:

Thus, a meeting reminder would also be sent, allowing you the enjoy from Exceed capabilities in every scheduling method.

Kindly notice, this is applicable only if the meeting has been set between the rep which is assigned to the contact (can be viewed within the contact's page in the details part), to the same email address of the contact as appears in the Exceed.

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