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Learn how to analyze your sequences, what works well and where you can improve your results

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On the Reports Tab, in the sequence, you may find the up to date status of your sequence (which updates every few hours).
There are a few sections in this tab:


Here you can see the various status options of your contacts. Clicking on 'Show Details' will present the breakdown of the detailed status. You can also use the filter on the right to choose a customized time window.

Chat Performance (for chat sequences)

In this section, you can monitor the performance of your chat. See how many people clicked on each button and analyze where do people drop off.

Email Performance

Here, per each sent template, you can see the number of emails sent to contacts, the contacts and percentage of open rate, click rate (if activated), reply rate, and opt-out rate. Clicking on each number would lead you a page with the filtered contacts. For example, clicking on the number below Sent would lead you to the contacts that received this template, and clicking on the number next to the reply rate would lead you to all of the replies.

For a drill into your A/B testing, click on the template name, hover over the variant text, and you'll be able to see a preview of the template.

In case you see that many Intros emails are sent, but the follow-ups are a bit "stuck", it means you need to balance your new contacts to allow follow-ups to be sent. Do it via the sequence settings and limit the number of daily Intros.

At the bottom, you can see the Total row for a summary:

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