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How to sync the detailed status of a contact back to the CRM?
How to sync the detailed status of a contact back to the CRM?
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You have your integration in place and now you want to sync back the exact status of each contact - why were they ended? was a meeting already set? In this article you'll learn how.

Exceed have various status options:
New, Approached, Engaged, Assigned, Ended and Escalated.
You can see further explanations in this article: What is Lead Status

For additional info on the contact's status, Exceed have these fields:

  • Status reason - for Ended it would be Bounced, Disqualify, etc. and for Assigned there would be Meeting Set.

  • Status reason details - for Ended it would give the most granular reason. E.g Not Interested (under Disqualify), Hard bounced (under Bounced).

You can also filter these options via the Contacts Page using the Advanced Filter

To sync it back to your CRM, kindly create a text based field, map it next to the Exceed one and keep the toggle on so we'll be able to sync it back

That's it!

For any questions, reach out to us via the Customer Care Communications Portal.

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