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Leveraging Zapier for Notifications on Slack
Leveraging Zapier for Notifications on Slack
Want to receive a slack every time you receive a task? Learn how!
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Zapier is one of the most common tools to automated your workflows. And if you're using Slack on your day to day, you must want an integration that would notify you once a contact replied....

In this article we'll share how to get a Slack notification each time you receive a task from on your Gmail account.

  1. Choose your Zap:
    In this case I choose to connect Gmail and Slack via Slack Channels

2. Connect to Gmail

3. Click to continue

4. Add the search criteria and click to continue. In this case:
from: subject: "New pending action"

5. Test your search results

6. Click on Done Editing

7. Click on Slack and sign in 

8. Set up the Slack settings: choose a Channel, add text, etc.

9. Finalize your settings

10. Don't forget to turn on your new Zap!

You're ready to go!
This Zap will run every 2-15 minutes based on your plan.

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