API access must be enabled on your Salesforce account in order for Exceed to be able to pull data from Salesforce, as well as updating data from Exceed to your Salesforce.

Note that API Access is only applicable for Enterprise & Unlimited packages, as well as Professional, in case of adding API Access for the user who you will be using to sync your Salesforce to Exceed. You can read more about API Access in Salesforce here.

In this article we'll explain how to enable API access to the profile which is associated to the user which you used to Connect Salesforce to Exceed with 

  1. Navigate into Salesforce Setup 

  2. In the quick search on the left side search for Users 

3. Find the user which you used to Connect Salesforce to Exceed with (we recommend creating a dedicated user).

4. Click on the link to the Profile of the user:

5. Navigate to the "Administrative Permission" and make sure the API Enabled is on.   

Note that if you are unable to see the API Enabled option in that screen, you probably do not have the API Access enabled to your account. Read more about how to enable it here.

6. You're all set! 

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