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How does track email opening?
How does track email opening?
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Learn how tracks email opens with your sequences.

When sending out emails via anyone of your sequences, embeds an invisible one-pixel image inside the email body once it is sent. When the contact views the email, the email would be marked as open in the contact page and in the Reports tab, every refresh cycle.

Links aren't tracked by default. In order to activate that, you'll need to modify the settings under Settings > Project Settings > Email Clicks Tracking. Be advised, tracking links can impact your email deliverability.
Links are tracked by appending tracking code to the end of any hyperlink included in your email. This information is also available via the Reports tab. email tracking might be deactivated when the contact's email client-server doesn't allow the tracking pixel to load. These are the common situations in which it might happen: 

  • The contact formats their email in plain text. 

  • The contact's email client doesn't automatically download images. 

  • The contact settings remove any images from incoming emails. 

If the contact company has a very strict spam filter settings which blocks images or link tracking from loading in emails, the tracked email could be filtered as spam. However, these tools are quite common in the industry, and the majority of email clients will not view your email any differently than before. 

Please note: currently it's not possible to see whether your tracked email was forwarded to another contact.

The majority of your contacts will not know they are being tracked. The email code would need to be viewed and the tracking pixel specifically identified.

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