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Using Another Domain for your Cold Outreach
Using Another Domain for your Cold Outreach
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When setting up your Virtual Assistant account, consider using another domain for your outgoing email domain. The idea is to protect your main domain reputation from spam filters and bounced emails.

If you've created another domain, below is a list of important things to pay attention to:ย 

  1. Start slow!
    Whenever starting using a new domain with no previous history, start with a low volume of emails per day and increase it gradually as you received replies from your contacts.
    Want to change your Virtual Assistant daily limit? Click here.

  2. Forward your additional domain to your main domain
    e.g. โ†’ It will increase your legibility in the eyes of your contacts in case they'll try navigate to your website using info from your virtual assistant's email address domain.

  3. Using G-Suite as your email provider? - Pay upfront
    In case you are using G-Suite as your email provider, make sure to pay a few months ahead. There are more cases of accounts being blocked whenever using monthly plan subscription.

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