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Adding a Company Name Field on Salesforce
Adding a Company Name Field on Salesforce
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In order to sync the company name from Salesforce to, you'll need to create a custom field on Salesforce. This is required because the Company field passes only the ID of the company, rather than its name. In order to fix that, kindly create a custom field which is based on the Company field using a text formula.

  1. On the main setup menu, navigate to Platform Tools --> Objects and Fields --> Object Manager --> Navigate to Lead or Contact according to the entity you are syncing back to Exceed.

  2. Click on Fields & Relationships --> New

  3. On the top right side, click on Create to create a new custom object

Step #1: choose the Formula data type and click Next

Step #2: choose a label for this field, e.g. Company Exceed, and choose Text as the type. Then, click Next

Step #3: add the Company field for the Lead or Contact entity.  Then, click Next

Step #4 and #5: click Next and Save

Afterward, on go to Integration Page and add this field to the mapping list:

That's it! You are ready to go!

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