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How to handle an Unrecognized Address Notification?
How to handle an Unrecognized Address Notification?
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In the case where Exceed receives an email from an email address which doesn't match any of the current contacts in the system, the Virtual Assistant will send the Owner a relevant notification. The notification will include the original message with the sender email address. 

This could be resulted from various reasons. Few are listed below:

  • An email was sent to a generic company address (i.e. which was forwarded to someone who responded back to you

  • An email was sent to a company which went through a merger and acquisition process and as a result changed their domain

  • An email was sent to a contact who forwarded it to a colleague, and the latter contacted the Virtual Assistant

  • An email was sent to a company which requires authentication prior to delivering the message to the contact

  • Spam

How to find the original contact, which triggered the message, and what to do next?

If you found the message relevant, you can try tracing the original contact using the Search Box in the Contact Page. Try searching for the name, company name or domain.

Once you've found the original contact, and you want to continue the flow from the last message available in the platform, you can simply change the contact email by clicking on the email address and modifying it. Consider also updating the contact's name.

Next, and in order to send an email to the contact, you can do any of the following actions, using the Actions button which appears on the contact page:

  1. Assign the contact to a rep - Click on Actions --> Assign, a pop up will appear, prompting you to select an Assigned Rep. Additionally, you can mark the checkbox "Send email to contact" and the Handover template will appear, allowing you to edit if needed prior to sending

  2. Set follow up - Click on Actions --> Set Follow Up, a pop up will appear, with the Contact Me Later template allowing you to edit the template and set the timing to send out a message

  3. Escalate - Click on Actions --> Escalate,  a pop up will appear, prompting you to select a Contact Manager. Then, move to Tasks to select a template or tailor a specific message.

Please note, the message received from the contact wouldn't appear in your corresponding.

In case you find the message to be Spam or irrelevant, kindly ignore it. Exceed will no longer notify you regarding future emails from this address.

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