As part of the Exceed Chat product, you can activate live chat to communicate directly with your leads whenever needed.

To activate this feature, go to your chat sequence > chat and turn on Support active chat

When the Active Chats are Triggered?

On the chat flow, you'll need to add a support type field:

Another option would be for the customer to type in the free text, asking for support, which would escalate the contact.

Who would get notified of a new active chat?

The assigned reps should activate their "Available for live chat" toggle, under My Account). An owner can change these settings for the rep as well.

Plus, make sure your Exceed webpage is open.

To receive a Chrome notification, each time someone requests your attention on chat, kindly follow these instructions:

Learn how to turn on Chrome notifications

All of the assigned reps which follow these conditions, during their working hours, would receive the notification.
The contact's assigned rep and the sequence's managers would also receive an email notification. Plus, all of the users that are added under Settings > Project Settings > Live chat requests.

An owner might receive it if no rep defined as available for an active chat or outside of working hours.

The contact status would be escalated. If no one replies - a task would be created upon chat expiration (Chat Widget Settings).

Active Chat Page

On this page, Assigned Reps can mark themselves as available for active chat.

You are able to see all active chats from the last 15 minutes. You can see the flow, click on the contact name, and step inside his page to see additional details.

In case a contact requested support, a notification will appear on the left bar:

Then, the ones which asked support will be marked accordingly:

From this screen, you can reply directly to the contact. You can also click on Actions and assign the contact to a specific rep.

Whenever you want to schedule a meeting with the contact, click on the bottom left calendar icon, and the meeting slots will be added to your conversation:

If you wish, even without the contact requesting support, you can step inside the chat, move it to manual mode and communicate directly with your leads.

At the end of the communication, make sure to Assign or End the contact, otherwise, we'll follow up with him over email.

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