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Answers is where you will store all FAQs and knowledge base that consumers ask when chatting with your sales reps. 

There are 6 set questions that are already saved into our system as defaults, as we have noticed that these questions are asked quite regularly: 

  1. Pricing
    What is your pricing? What are you pricing plans? Etc. 

  2. Competitors
    Who are your competitors? How are you different from ‘Company A’? Etc. 

  3. Customers
    Who are your customers? Etc. 

  4. Information about Product
    Can you tell me more about ‘Product name’? 

  5. Supported Integrations
    Do you integrate with “x”? Do you support integrations? 

  6. Contact Details Source
    Can you please provide me with contact details? How do I reach you? 

For the above six FAQs, you can add an answer wherever relevant to you. In case a contact asks a question and no answer is yet supplied, we will inform you via Tasks that we need your help in answering this contact. 

If you want, you can add various answers to be used randomly or assign one of them to a specific sequence. This is done by clicking on ‘+’ button on the left-hand side of the pop-up window. Once this is clicked, a rich text editor will appear for you to input your answer. 

Check out this video which explains how to add variants to your Answer for a specific sequence:

Note: provide only a sentence or two which would be added as a snippet to your templates. The system automatically places pleasantries and formal signing offs in the Engaged Email Template. 

In the case where you notice that your contacts are asking questions on topics which are not covered as part of Answers, you can add additional FAQ. To add additional FAQs, click on the blue button on the top right labelled “+ New Answer”. 

Here you will be asked to do the following: 

  • Create the topic, I.e. pricing

  • Add sample questions, I.e., What is your pricing? How much do you charge? Etc.
    It is recommended to add 4-5 sample questions. We will make sure to add synonyms and train the engine accordingly.

  • Add the response

Exceed also offers the option of handing a contact over directly to a rep if a certain question is asked. I.e. if pricing, according to your sales playbook, is something that needs to be discussed with a human rep, you will be able to set up the system to understand that ‘Pricing’ is a handover question. 

This can be set up by checking the box at the bottom of the Edit Answer box: “Assign contact to rep when asked”. 

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