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Team Members

Project owners are the ones which are able to add team members to the project. 

Invites are sent out by filling in the email address of the team member and his role in the box provided at the top right corner of the page. Invitations will be send out from

Invitations expire after 3 days so it is best for them to be accepted within this time. If needed, another invitation can be sent, by clicking Send Again.

Team Roles 

There are few types of roles / responsibilities for team members:

  • Owner
    The owner can modify roles, invite new members, approve tasks, review live chats, set up integrations and have access to all data

  • Assign to
    This role is for team members who receive contacts/ handed over contacts once a contact has been recognized as qualified by the system. They will have access to sequences, but won't be able to change anything

  • Manager
    This role is for the reps on the project who handle the contacts on a day to day basis, up until they are recognized as qualified. I.e. set up sequences, answers, approve emails, deal with escalated emails, etc. 

  • Integration Manager
    This role is for the CRM expert who will be able to access the system and modify the integration settings

  • Viewer
    This role is for team members which can only view the sequence, contacts and current status

A team member can be all of the above roles or just one. This is decided by the project owner.

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